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Wickes Original Phoenix Flushvalve

Wickes Original Phoenix Flushvalve£34.00

Product Code: TS460[1]

Wickes Inca + Trapano Flush Valve

Wickes Inca + Trapano Flush Valve£30.00

Product Code: TS260A

Wickes Newport, Portland, Avalon Flush Valve

Wickes Newport, Portland, Avalon Flush Valve£24.00

Product Code: TS350

Wickes B3300 bottom entry valve

Wickes B3300 bottom entry valve£14.00

Product Code: TS1406

Wickes Java 49 Flush Valve

Wickes Java 49 Flush Valve£13.80

Product Code: TS045[1]

Quont threaded peg button

Quont threaded peg button£10.60

Product Code: TS104

Wickes Universal Screwpeg BUTTON

Wickes Universal Screwpeg BUTTON£10.00

Product Code: TS343

Wickes Java 99B inlet valve

Wickes Java 99B inlet valve£6.50

Product Code: TS032[2]

Quont Flush Seal

Quont Flush Seal£3.80

Product Code: TS062

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