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TWCV2 compatible Metal flush plate (97B)

TWCV2 compatible Metal flush plate (97B)£60.00

Product Code: TS1512

SWCV1 Compatible flush plate (10 series)

SWCV1 Compatible flush plate (10 series)£38.80

Product Code: TS1514

TWCV2 Compatible Flush Plate (97E)

TWCV2 Compatible Flush Plate (97E)£35.00

Product Code: TS1511

SWCV1  Short Mechanical Flush Valve

SWCV1 Short Mechanical Flush Valve£29.60

Product Code: TS867

TWCV2  Tall Mechanical Flush Valve

TWCV2 Tall Mechanical Flush Valve£28.00

Product Code: TS868

009 tank front lever panel

009 tank front lever panel£19.00

Product Code: TS1516

M010 cistern soil pipe kit

M010 cistern soil pipe kit£18.00

Product Code: TS1950

SWCV1 Activation Block

SWCV1 Activation Block£16.40

Product Code: TS1903

TWCV2 Activation BLOCK

TWCV2 Activation BLOCK£16.40

Product Code: TS1529

UPR/a  1/2 inch Side Entry Valve

UPR/a 1/2 inch Side Entry Valve£14.60

Product Code: TS865

UPR/b 1/2'' Side entry inlet valve

UPR/b 1/2" Side entry inlet valve£14.60

Product Code: TS866

Protection box for the low height cistern

Protection box for the low height cistern£13.60

Product Code: TS1583

Activation and fixing rod set

Activation and fixing rod set£12.60

Product Code: TS366

Pura cistern drop pipe long

Pura cistern drop pipe long£8.60

Product Code: TS1837

Short Elbow Drop Pipe

Short Elbow Drop Pipe£8.60

Product Code: TS1838

M010 flexi hose

M010 flexi hose£8.00

Product Code: TS1946

UPR activation rods (per pair)

UPR activation rods (per pair)£7.00

Product Code: TS109

Pura short straight pipe

Pura short straight pipe£6.40

Product Code: TS1880

M010 Drop pipe elbow seal

M010 Drop pipe elbow seal£3.80

Product Code: TS879


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