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NIS (SHORT) Cable Valve 500mm

NIS (SHORT) Cable Valve 500mm£26.00

Product Code: TS697

NIS (LONG) Cable Valve 800mm

NIS (LONG) Cable Valve 800mm£30.00

Product Code: TS696


NIS Dual Flush BUTTON£11.00

Product Code: TS699

NIS Cable Flush SEAL

NIS Cable Flush SEAL£2.40

Product Code: TS698

NIS Inlet Valve SIDE Entry

NIS Inlet Valve SIDE Entry£16.80

Product Code: TS701

NIS (SIDE ENTRY) Diaphragm

NIS (SIDE ENTRY) Diaphragm£3.20

Product Code: TS1374


NIS BE INLET Valve£16.80

Product Code: TS700

NIS Diaphragm BE

NIS Diaphragm BE£2.30

Product Code: TS702

235 Dual flush Valve

235 Dual flush Valve£32.00

Product Code: TS1567

Flush pipe and seals (Nis compatible)

Flush pipe and seals (Nis compatible)£19.80

Product Code: TS2094

Flush plate Oval Style

Flush plate Oval Style£41.00

Product Code: TS2011

Flush Plate Round (for Twin Yellow Cable Valve)

Flush Plate Round (for Twin Yellow Cable Valve)£39.00

Product Code: TS1509

Inwall frame inlet with clip

Inwall frame inlet with clip£23.00

Product Code: TS185

Inwall frame mechanical activation block

Inwall frame mechanical activation block£15.60

Product Code: TS136

NIS 259 cable valve

NIS 259 cable valve£38.00

Product Code: TS1606

Nis concealed cistern inlet valve

Nis concealed cistern inlet valve£17.20

Product Code: TS1148

Nis Mechanical Inwall frame valve

Nis Mechanical Inwall frame valve£33.60

Product Code: TS251

Nis twin cable FLUSH SEAL

Nis twin cable FLUSH SEAL£4.80

Product Code: TS1373

Twin Yellow Cable Valve (SHORT)

Twin Yellow Cable Valve (SHORT)£32.00

Product Code: TS857

Twin yellow cable valve (TALL)

Twin yellow cable valve (TALL)£34.00

Product Code: TS1633


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