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Sanindusa Flush Valve

Sanindusa Flush Valve£34.00

Product Code: TS263

Sanindusa Inlet Valve Kit

Sanindusa Inlet Valve Kit£8.40

Product Code: TS904

Sanindusa Large BUTTON

Sanindusa Large BUTTON£12.20

Product Code: TS265

Sanindusa Large grey FLUSH SEAL

Sanindusa Large grey FLUSH SEAL£2.80

Product Code: TS233

Oli Azor Bottom Entry 1/2 inlet valve

Oli Azor Bottom Entry 1/2 inlet valve£21.00

Product Code: TS966

Sanindusa 189 lever block

Sanindusa 189 lever block£8.00

Product Code: TS1565[1]

Sanindusa unbranded New Type Button

Sanindusa unbranded New Type Button£10.00

Product Code: TS108

Sanindusa Jade Seat

Sanindusa Jade Seat£85.00

Product Code: TS808

Sanindusa Reflex Standard Close Seat

Sanindusa Reflex Standard Close Seat£75.00

Product Code: TS806

Sanindusa Reflex SOFT CLOSE Seat

Sanindusa Reflex SOFT CLOSE Seat£114.00

Product Code: TS807

Sanindusa Millennium STANDARD Close Seat

Sanindusa Millennium STANDARD Close Seat£80.00

Product Code: TS916

Sanindusa Nau Standard Seat

Sanindusa Nau Standard Seat£82.00

Product Code: TS917

Sanindusa New Day SOFT CLOSE Seat

Sanindusa New Day SOFT CLOSE Seat£90.00

Product Code: TS1123

Sanindusa New Day Standard Close Seat£70.00

Product Code: TS1124

Sanindusa Aveiro SOFT CLOSE seat£54.00

Product Code: TS257

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