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Electroflo Dual Flush Valve and Sensor

Electroflo Dual Flush Valve and Sensor£215.00

Product Code: TS366

Dudley Pearl Palm Push Plate

Dudley Pearl Palm Push Plate£39.00

Product Code: TS1191



Product Code: TS412


SQUARE Dudley Single BUTTON£27.00

Product Code: TS411

TD Dual Flush Pneumatic Valve (Miniflo)

TD Dual Flush Pneumatic Valve (Miniflo)£27.00

Product Code: TS142

Dudley 73.5mm Dual Flush BUTTON

Dudley 73.5mm Dual Flush BUTTON£26.60

Product Code: TS120

TD Dual Flush FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)

TD Dual Flush FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)£26.60

Product Code: TS141

Dudley DIO Dual Flush BUTTON

Dudley DIO Dual Flush BUTTON£26.50

Product Code: TS534



Product Code: TS535

Dudley Cone BUTTON

Dudley Cone BUTTON£26.00

Product Code: TS119

Dudley Dome BUTTON

Dudley Dome BUTTON£26.00

Product Code: TS036

Dudley Elite Syphon

Dudley Elite Syphon£26.00

Product Code: TS604

TD Single FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)

TD Single FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)£26.00

Product Code: TS140

DUDLEY Concealed Lever

DUDLEY Concealed Lever£25.00

Product Code: TS492

Dudley Royal Pushflo BUTTON

Dudley Royal Pushflo BUTTON£25.00

Product Code: TS536

Dudley Niagara Flush Valve 2 Inch Outlet

Dudley Niagara Flush Valve 2 Inch Outlet£23.00

Product Code: TS075

Dudley Single Pneumatic BUTTON

Dudley Single Pneumatic BUTTON£23.00

Product Code: TS123

Dudley Syvac Aspirator

Dudley Syvac Aspirator£20.00

Product Code: TS537

Vantage 1 Original Flexi Hose

Vantage 1 Original Flexi Hose£16.00

Product Code: TS388

Vantage Flush Pipe Kit

Vantage Flush Pipe Kit£15.80

Product Code: TS403

Dudley Hydroflo bottom entry float valve

Dudley Hydroflo bottom entry float valve£15.60

Product Code: TS352

Dudley DELAY FILL SE Inlet valve.

Dudley DELAY FILL SE Inlet valve.£13.60

Product Code: TS354

Dudley Hydroflo Side Entry Float Valve

Dudley Hydroflo Side Entry Float Valve£12.60

Product Code: TS101

Dudley Dauntless M black lever

Dudley Dauntless M black lever£11.00

Product Code: TS1207

Dudley Hydroflo 1/2'' Bottom Entry Valve

Dudley Hydroflo 1/2" Bottom Entry Valve£11.00

Product Code: TS1590

Dudley Niagara BUTTON Pack

Dudley Niagara BUTTON Pack£10.20

Product Code: TS024

Dudley Slimline Chrome lever

Dudley Slimline Chrome lever£9.60

Product Code: TS1213

Elite Push BUTTON

Elite Push BUTTON£8.00

Product Code: TS605



Product Code: TS720

Dudley Elite Linkage Arm  TS1208

Dudley Elite Linkage Arm TS1208£6.00

Product Code: TS1208

Dudley Pinto Valve Bellows

Dudley Pinto Valve Bellows£4.40

Product Code: TS298

Vantage Valve Bellows

Vantage Valve Bellows£4.40

Product Code: TS283

Dudley Filter

Dudley Filter£4.20

Product Code: TS1188

Dudley divertor

Dudley divertor£3.90

Product Code: TS1186

Triwell/Trishell plastic bracket

Triwell/Trishell plastic bracket£3.10

Product Code: TS1201

Dudley Rubberwell plastic fulcrum

Dudley Rubberwell plastic fulcrum£3.00

Product Code: TS1204

Dudley (New Black) Flush Seal

Dudley (New Black) Flush Seal£2.90

Product Code: TS146

Dudley (Old Grey) Flush Seal

Dudley (Old Grey) Flush Seal£2.90

Product Code: TS171

Vantage 1 Bulk Head Fitting

Vantage 1 Bulk Head Fitting£2.90

Product Code: TS905

Dudley Pinto Seal

Dudley Pinto Seal£2.60

Product Code: TS236

Dudley Hydroflo Diaphragm

Dudley Hydroflo Diaphragm£1.86

Product Code: TS002

S9B Round Membrane

S9B Round Membrane£1.00

Product Code: TS337

Turbo 44 Replacement Membrane Only

Turbo 44 Replacement Membrane Only£1.00

Product Code: TS118

Turbo 88/Cascade Replacement Membrane Only.

Turbo 88/Cascade Replacement Membrane Only.£1.00

Product Code: TS117

Turbo S1-11 Replacement Membrane Only

Turbo S1-11 Replacement Membrane Only£1.00

Product Code: TS622

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