Flexible Hoses

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Geberit Bottom Hose with White Adapter

Geberit Bottom Hose with White Adapter£25.00

Product Code: TS515

Geberit Straight Flexihose 3/8

Geberit Straight Flexihose 3/8£24.00

Product Code: TS881

Geberit Female 400mm Hose with Adapter

Geberit Female 400mm Hose with Adapter£22.00

Product Code: TS921

Geberit Omega/Kappa flexi hose

Geberit Omega/Kappa flexi hose£22.00

Product Code: TS467

Vantage 2 NEW Flexihose Pipe

Vantage 2 NEW Flexihose Pipe£17.50

Product Code: TS859

GROHE 3/8'' Flexi Hose

GROHE 3/8" Flexi Hose£17.00

Product Code: TS496

Multikwik hose 250mm (3/8 x 3/8)

Multikwik hose 250mm (3/8 x 3/8)£17.00

Product Code: TS1977

TC Flexi Hose

TC Flexi Hose£16.80

Product Code: TS626

Prem 3/8 to 1/2'' flexihose (380mm)

Prem 3/8 to 1/2" flexihose (380mm)£16.20

Product Code: TS1731

TC bathrooms LONG Straight Flexi-hose (450mm)

TC bathrooms LONG Straight Flexi-hose (450mm)£16.00

Product Code: TS1649

Vantage 1 Original Flexi Hose

Vantage 1 Original Flexi Hose£16.00

Product Code: TS388

Sanit CC150 cistern Flexi-hose

Sanit CC150 cistern Flexi-hose£15.20

Product Code: TS1034

3/8'' Flexible Hose 300mm PERLA

3/8" Flexible Hose 300mm PERLA£15.00

Product Code: TS502

3/8'' Flexible Hose 400mm

3/8" Flexible Hose 400mm£15.00

Product Code: TS408

Universal 3/8'' Flexi Hose 350mm

Universal 3/8" Flexi Hose 350mm£15.00

Product Code: TS498

Universal 3/8'' Hose 300mm

Universal 3/8" Hose 300mm£15.00

Product Code: TS497

Roca Basic Compact flexi hose

Roca Basic Compact flexi hose£12.60

Product Code: TS1711

3/8 geberit/grohe alternative short hose

3/8 geberit/grohe alternative short hose£12.00

Product Code: TS1630

1/2 Inch to 3/8 Hose 300mm

1/2 Inch to 3/8 Hose 300mm£10.00

Product Code: TS495

AG1378 Flexible Hose

AG1378 Flexible Hose£10.00

Product Code: TS435

Service Valve with O Ring

Service Valve with O Ring£3.40

Product Code: TS164

1/2'' 300mm Flexihose

1/2" 300mm Flexihose£3.00

Product Code: TS574

Geberit 3/8'' Flexible Cranked Hose

Geberit 3/8" Flexible Cranked Hose

Product Code: TS493


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items
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