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Concealed Cistern Spares

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Sigma 70 Hydraulic Servo Lifter£165.00

Product Code: TS729

New Product£160.00

Product Code: TS730

Kappa50 Flush Plate

Kappa50 Flush Plate£90.00

Product Code: TS794

Omega Dual Flush Plate Chrome

Omega Dual Flush Plate Chrome£68.00

Product Code: TS1718

Geberit Twinline Plate Chrome£60.00

Product Code: TS1274

Geberit Slim Dual Flush Air BUTTON

Geberit Slim Dual Flush Air BUTTON£55.00

Product Code: TS1552

Kappa20 Flush Plate

Kappa20 Flush Plate£48.00

Product Code: TS793

Rumba Single Flush Plate Chrome

Rumba Single Flush Plate Chrome£48.00

Product Code: TS1254

Sigma01 Flush Plate

Sigma01 Flush Plate£46.00

Product Code: TS788

Geberit 122 valve plus activation unit

Geberit 122 valve plus activation unit£44.00

Product Code: TS751

Geberit Sigma 1 plate WHITE

Geberit Sigma 1 plate WHITE£40.00

Product Code: TS1255

Dual Flush BUTTON AP109

Dual Flush BUTTON AP109£38.00

Product Code: TS178

Artline Dual flush valve (SHORT)

Artline Dual flush valve (SHORT)£36.00

Product Code: TS1279

Artline Dual Flush Valve (TALL)£36.00

Product Code: TS1280

Single Flush BUTTON AP23

Single Flush BUTTON AP23£35.00

Product Code: TS182

Frame Connection Kit (Long)

Frame Connection Kit (Long)£29.00

Product Code: TS805

UP200 Valve 638

UP200 Valve 638£25.00

Product Code: TS271

Geberit 3/8'' Flexible Cranked Hose

Geberit 3/8" Flexible Cranked Hose£24.60

Product Code: TS493

Geberit 416 Flush Valve

Geberit 416 Flush Valve£24.00

Product Code: TS804

Geberit Straight Flexihose 3/8

Geberit Straight Flexihose 3/8£24.00

Product Code: TS881

Geberit Female 400mm Hose with Adapter

Geberit Female 400mm Hose with Adapter£22.00

Product Code: TS921

Geberit Omega/Kappa flexi hose

Geberit Omega/Kappa flexi hose£22.00

Product Code: TS467

UP300/320 flush valve 622

UP300/320 flush valve 622£22.00

Product Code: TS270

AP109 Dual Flush VALVE

AP109 Dual Flush VALVE£20.50

Product Code: TS177

Dual Flush Activation Unit

Dual Flush Activation Unit£20.00

Product Code: TS179

AP23 SINGLE Flush Valve

AP23 SINGLE Flush Valve£18.40

Product Code: TS180

Geberit 380 Side Entry Float Valve.

Geberit 380 Side Entry Float Valve.£18.00

Product Code: TS067

Single Flush Activation Unit

Single Flush Activation Unit£18.00

Product Code: TS181

Pan Connection kit (Short) GEBERIT

Pan Connection kit (Short) GEBERIT£15.00

Product Code: TS1626[1]

Geberit UP120 Lever Block (079)

Geberit UP120 Lever Block (079)£14.80

Product Code: TS1258

Geberit Drop Pipe (UP320)

Geberit Drop Pipe (UP320)£14.00

Product Code: TS1117

Geberit Artline lever block (510)

Geberit Artline lever block (510)£13.00

Product Code: TS065

Geberit UP320 Lever Block (829)

Geberit UP320 Lever Block (829)£13.00

Product Code: TS1270

Isolation Valve, Blue

Isolation Valve, Blue£12.50

Product Code: TS395

UP200 Activation block (533)

UP200 Activation block (533)£11.80

Product Code: TS918

Geberit Omega Activation Block£11.20

Product Code: TS1721

Artline Basket

Artline Basket£11.00

Product Code: TS1278

Geberit Sigma ACTIVATION RODS ONLY (UP300/UP320)

Geberit Sigma ACTIVATION RODS ONLY (UP300/UP320)£11.00

Product Code: TS035

Geberit Twinline Tank Protection Cover

Geberit Twinline Tank Protection Cover£9.60

Product Code: TS393

Geberit 90 Degree Flush Pipe

Geberit 90 Degree Flush Pipe£9.40

Product Code: TS485

Geberit UP720 basket

Geberit UP720 basket£8.80

Product Code: TS1656

Geberit Duofix Frame Threaded Bolt Set

Geberit Duofix Frame Threaded Bolt Set£8.20

Product Code: TS1259

UP200/300 Basket (928)

UP200/300 Basket (928)£8.00

Product Code: TS1263

UP320 Basket (859)

UP320 Basket (859)£8.00

Product Code: TS1284

Geberit Diaphragm Assembly for 360 BE (241.813.00.1)

Geberit Diaphragm Assembly for 360 BE (241.813.00.1)£7.60

Product Code: TS191

Geberit Omega Cistern white cover plate.

Geberit Omega Cistern white cover plate.£7.20

Product Code: TS1720

Geberit Green/Clear Hoses

Geberit Green/Clear Hoses£7.00

Product Code: TS908

Geberit Short Straight Flush Pipe

Geberit Short Straight Flush Pipe£6.40

Product Code: TS486

Geberit Activation Plate Rods (UP120/UP200)

Geberit Activation Plate Rods (UP120/UP200)£4.90

Product Code: TS1535

Geberit AP109 Cistern SEALS

Geberit AP109 Cistern SEALS£4.80

Product Code: TS377

Geberit Basket sealing washer

Geberit Basket sealing washer£4.20

Product Code: TS1277

Geberit inlet clip (blue)

Geberit inlet clip (blue)£4.10

Product Code: TS1282

Geberit Pan Bung

Geberit Pan Bung£3.60

Product Code: TS480

Geberit UP200 Flush Pipe SEAL

Geberit UP200 Flush Pipe SEAL£3.60

Product Code: TS482

Geberit Diaphragm

Geberit Diaphragm£3.50

Product Code: TS559

Geberit UP700 flush seal£2.40

Product Code: TS1464

Geberit replacement flush seal. (816.418)

Geberit replacement flush seal. (816.418)£2.20

Product Code: TS070

Geberit UP300 Lever block (929)

Geberit UP300 Lever block (929)

Product Code: TS1264

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