Please note any information supplied by Toiletspares Ltd on our website and/or via e-mails or phone conversations is provided in good faith and is in accordance with our understanding of regulations associated with the approval governing body WRAS. However due to an investigation carried out by water companies and the publication of their clarifications on 28th March 2019, WRAS Approvals has reviewed its acceptance criteria for approvals to be granted in respect of WCs, cisterns and inlets. Please make sure you are up to speed with the latest regulations LATEST WRAS NEWS LINK

****One of the most important clarifications is on the following link**** TYPE AUK1 Air Gap Requirement

We believe this clarification of the regulations as it stands makes all height adjustable bottom entry inlet valves currently available none compliant. If you have any concerns regarding the fitting of any inlet valves etc please talk to WRAS for their latest guidance on 0333-2079030

Remember it is always good practise where possible to fit a double check valve to the water inlet feed pipe of a toilet inlet valve to help prevent back syphoning.

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