Common Problems

This page should help solve the most common problems associated with toilets, but if you don't see the answer, please don't hesitate to contact us for help & advice.

Remember, it is always good practise to fit a new "Doughnut" to a close coupled toilet if you are removing the cistern for any reason. This could save you a lot of heartache & frustration.
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Toilet takes ages to fill
This is usually caused by a small hole in the inlet valve diaphragm, and can easily be cured by fitting a new one. We believe we stock the largest range of diaphragm washers currently available, including Siamp, Hydroflo, Hushflo, Wisa, Fluidmaster, Torbeck, Wirquin, Univalve, Viva, Geberit, Grohe etc.

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Toilet won't flush (SYPHONS)
Could be a couple of things. First check to see if handle is attached to syphon and is actually trying to operate it, as it could be something as simple as the handle has just become detached from the syphon link. If it is attached and working then most likely cause is a split or worn syphon membrane. You can either buy a replacement syphon membrane or purchase a new, probably better & more modern easy maintenance syphon. Syphons Link or Syphon spares link

Toilet leaks between cistern & toilet base
This normally occurs with close coupled toilets where the cistern sits on the toilet base and is kept watertight by a rubber ring or foam washer commonly known as a "doughnut". If you have disturbed a cistern doughnut for any reason and it has been fitted for a long time, it is always good practise to fit a new one as this can save hours of frustration.
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Water runs constantly into the toilet pan
Usually caused by a degrading or blistered outlet valve flush seal that lets water constantly seep past. But before you take it for granted you need a new outlet valve seal, just make sure that the cistern is not over filling and thus escaping through the internal overflow. If the water height is OK then it must be the seal. If you need any advice please give us a call.

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Remember to always isolate toilet water supply before

attempting to repair your faulty toilet.

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