D212a Vantage Spares

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TD Dual Flush FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)

TD Dual Flush FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)£32.00

Product Code: TS141

Dudley 73.5mm Dual Flush BUTTON

Dudley 73.5mm Dual Flush BUTTON£31.00

Product Code: TS120



Product Code: TS412

TD Single FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)

TD Single FLUSH VALVE (Vantage)£31.00

Product Code: TS140

Dudley Single Pneumatic BUTTON

Dudley Single Pneumatic BUTTON£27.80

Product Code: TS123


SQUARE Dudley Single BUTTON£30.00

Product Code: TS411

Dudley Hydroflo Side Entry Float Valve

Dudley Hydroflo Side Entry Float Valve£13.40

Product Code: TS101

Dudley Hydroflo Diaphragm

Dudley Hydroflo Diaphragm£1.86

Product Code: TS002

Dudley DELAY FILL SE Inlet valve.

Dudley DELAY FILL SE Inlet valve.£14.60

Product Code: TS354

Dudley (New Black) Flush Seal

Dudley (New Black) Flush Seal£4.00

Product Code: TS146

Dudley (Old Grey) Flush Seal

Dudley (Old Grey) Flush Seal£3.80

Product Code: TS171

Vantage Valve Bellow

Vantage Valve Bellow£4.40

Product Code: TS283B

Vantage 1 Original Flexi Hose

Vantage 1 Original Flexi Hose£16.00

Product Code: TS388

Vantage 2 NEW Flexihose Pipe

Vantage 2 NEW Flexihose Pipe£17.50

Product Code: TS859

Dudley DIO Dual Flush BUTTON

Dudley DIO Dual Flush BUTTON£31.00

Product Code: TS534

Vantage Flush Pipe Kit

Vantage Flush Pipe Kit£15.80

Product Code: TS403

Dudley air hoses (clear & green)

Dudley air hoses (clear & green)£4.80

Product Code: TS1195

Dudley Coral Dual Flush Plate

Dudley Coral Dual Flush Plate£48.00

Product Code: TS1190

Dudley Oyster Dual Flush plate

Dudley Oyster Dual Flush plate£49.80

Product Code: TS1192

Dudley Raised PALM BUTTON

Dudley Raised PALM BUTTON£28.70

Product Code: TS373

Dudley Reef pneumatic plate£47.00

Product Code: TS1027

Dudley Royal Pushflo BUTTON

Dudley Royal Pushflo BUTTON£29.00

Product Code: TS536

European Size Flush Pipe

European Size Flush Pipe£9.80

Product Code: TS404

European Size Pan Bung

European Size Pan Bung£2.80

Product Code: TS407

Vantage 1 threaded basket

Vantage 1 threaded basket£8.60

Product Code: TS076

Vantage 2 inlet valve clip

Vantage 2 inlet valve clip£3.60

Product Code: TS1974

Vantage 2 pushfit basket (New type)

Vantage 2 pushfit basket (New type)£8.60

Product Code: TS081


Page 1 of 1:    28 Items
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