Mechanical Plates

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AG1378 Large Plate

AG1378 Large Plate£38.00

Product Code: TS431

AG1378 Small Plate CHROME

AG1378 Small Plate CHROME£38.00

Product Code: TS432

Saneux original chrome plate

Saneux original chrome plate£43.00

Product Code: TS425

BC1100 ROUND Button Plate

BC1100 ROUND Button Plate

Product Code: TS424

BC1100 SQUARE Button Plate

BC1100 SQUARE Button Plate

Product Code: TS423

Grohe Single Mechanical Plate

Grohe Single Mechanical Plate£62.00

Product Code: TS1319

Kappa20 Flush Plate (UP200)

Kappa20 Flush Plate (UP200)£61.00

Product Code: TS793

Kappa50 Flush Plate (UP200)

Kappa50 Flush Plate (UP200)£90.00

Product Code: TS794

Sigma01 Flush Plate

Sigma01 Flush Plate£72.00

Product Code: TS788

Lynx Plate CHROME

Lynx Plate CHROME£35.00

Product Code: TS1503

Oli DUAL Plate Chrome

Oli DUAL Plate Chrome£35.00

Product Code: TS420

Oli Happy Plate CHROME

Oli Happy Plate CHROME£38.20

Product Code: TS620

Oli Happy Plate WHITE

Oli Happy Plate WHITE£30.00

Product Code: TS621

Oli Metal Dual Plate 656004

Oli Metal Dual Plate 656004£77.00

Product Code: TS464

Oli River Dual Plate

Oli River Dual Plate£34.00

Product Code: TS894

Oli Slim Flush Plate Shiney Chrome

Oli Slim Flush Plate Shiney Chrome£45.00

Product Code: TS936

Oli White DUAL Plate 627001

Oli White DUAL Plate 627001£23.00

Product Code: TS939

Oli/Valsir Egea Flush Plate

Oli/Valsir Egea Flush Plate£27.00

Product Code: TS479

Roca Duplo Duo Plate (8-90045)

Roca Duplo Duo Plate (8-90045)£52.00

Product Code: TS830

Roca PL2 plate Chrome

Roca PL2 plate Chrome£56.00

Product Code: TS1423

Roca Small Line Flush Plate

Roca Small Line Flush Plate£33.00

Product Code: TS1448

SAN100 Dual Flush Plate

SAN100 Dual Flush Plate£39.60

Product Code: TS1492

SAN125 Flush Plate

SAN125 Flush Plate£29.00

Product Code: TS1491

Schwab 227559 Riva Duo Flush Plate

Schwab 227559 Riva Duo Flush Plate£48.00

Product Code: TS774

Schwab 360161 Gloss Flush Plate

Schwab 360161 Gloss Flush Plate£32.00

Product Code: TS614

Schwab Duo Dots Plate Chrome

Schwab Duo Dots Plate Chrome£33.00

Product Code: TS1561

Siamp BC 80 Flush Plate

Siamp BC 80 Flush Plate£39.00

Product Code: TS1151

Siamp Yin Yang plate

Siamp Yin Yang plate£34.00

Product Code: TS1149

Tky Chrome coloured flush plate

Tky Chrome coloured flush plate£32.00

Product Code: TS1717

TC bathroom mechanical plate

TC bathroom mechanical plate£38.00

Product Code: TS1651

TECE Ambia Flush Plate (PLUMBASE)

TECE Ambia Flush Plate (PLUMBASE)£54.00

Product Code: TS911

TWCV2 Compatible Flush Plate (97E)

TWCV2 Compatible Flush Plate (97E)£35.00

Product Code: TS1511

Viega Life 1 Plate

Viega Life 1 Plate

Product Code: TS630

Viega life 2 plate

Viega life 2 plate

Product Code: TS438

Viega Style Plate

Viega Style Plate£68.00

Product Code: TS632

Wisa Argos XS plate Chrome 8050414651

Wisa Argos XS plate Chrome 8050414651£50.00

Product Code: TS1674

115.856.SN.1 Sigma 10 Infrared dual flush plate

115.856.SN.1 Sigma 10 Infrared dual flush plate£190.00

Product Code: TS2110

Angel SINGLE Flush plate (WHITE)

Angel SINGLE Flush plate (WHITE)£22.00

Product Code: TS1090

Ceramica Plate Three (Oblique)

Ceramica Plate Three (Oblique)£39.80

Product Code: TS1505

Classic stop/start plate chrome

Classic stop/start plate chrome£58.00

Product Code: TS1568

Diamante Single Flush Plate White 603001£23.00

Product Code: TS1014

Francis Pegler/Prozone Black plate

Francis Pegler/Prozone Black plate£68.00

Product Code: TS1858

Francis Pegler/Prozone Dream Plate Chrome

Francis Pegler/Prozone Dream Plate Chrome£42.00

Product Code: TS1863

Francis Pegler/Prozone Kubix Plate Chrome

Francis Pegler/Prozone Kubix Plate Chrome£42.00

Product Code: TS1861

Francis Pegler/Prozone Kubix Plate Matt Chrome

Francis Pegler/Prozone Kubix Plate Matt Chrome£42.00

Product Code: TS1862

Geberit Delta 50 Flush plate

Geberit Delta 50 Flush plate£50.00

Product Code: TS759

Geberit Sigma 1 plate WHITE

Geberit Sigma 1 plate WHITE£55.00

Product Code: TS1255

Geberit Sigma 70 Brushed Stainless Steel Plate

Geberit Sigma 70 Brushed Stainless Steel Plate£198.00

Product Code: TS730

Geberit Twinline Plate Chrome

Geberit Twinline Plate Chrome£62.00

Product Code: TS1274

Giada flush plate shiney chrome

Giada flush plate shiney chrome£38.00

Product Code: TS1995

I Plate SHINEY Chrome

I Plate SHINEY Chrome£64.00

Product Code: TS1828

Idrols mechanical plate White

Idrols mechanical plate White£22.00

Product Code: TS650

Kolo flush plate£48.80

Product Code: TS1986

Metal Flush plate mechanical (Tropea)£72.00

Product Code: TS1072

Oli Diamante SINGLE Flush Plate CHROME£29.00

Product Code: TS1015

Oli I Plate MATT finish

Oli I Plate MATT finish£64.00

Product Code: TS1826

Omega 60 Actuator Plate

Omega 60 Actuator Plate£190.00

Product Code: TS1620

Omega Dual Flush Plate Chrome

Omega Dual Flush Plate Chrome£110.00

Product Code: TS1718

Pegler/Prozone metal plate

Pegler/Prozone metal plate£88.00

Product Code: TS1677

Phoenix Flush Plate White

Phoenix Flush Plate White£29.40

Product Code: TS1730

Prem Matte mechanical plate (70)

Prem Matte mechanical plate (70)£39.00

Product Code: TS1684

Prem Shiney Chrome Plate (50)

Prem Shiney Chrome Plate (50)£39.00

Product Code: TS1683

R&T G30 Flush plate

R&T G30 Flush plate£41.00

Product Code: TS1938

Roca PL1 Plate Chrome

Roca PL1 Plate Chrome£56.00

Product Code: TS1424

Roca PL3 Stainless Steel Plate

Roca PL3 Stainless Steel Plate£156.00

Product Code: TS1873

Sanit CC120 Large matte flush plate

Sanit CC120 Large matte flush plate£130.00

Product Code: TS1671

Sigma 30 plate Chrome

Sigma 30 plate Chrome£72.00

Product Code: TS663

Slim Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Cover

Slim Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Cover£61.60

Product Code: TS1833

SLK chrome flush plate

SLK chrome flush plate£59.00

Product Code: TS1569

SWCV1 Compatible flush plate (10 series)

SWCV1 Compatible flush plate (10 series)£38.80

Product Code: TS1514

Tky Satin Dual Plate (MATTE)

Tky Satin Dual Plate (MATTE)£32.00

Product Code: TS1777

Trem mechanical Dual Plate (White)

Trem mechanical Dual Plate (White)£22.00

Product Code: TS576

TWCV2 compatible Metal flush plate (97B)

TWCV2 compatible Metal flush plate (97B)£60.00

Product Code: TS1512

Wisa Gaia plate chrome (8050417051)

Wisa Gaia plate chrome (8050417051)£52.00

Product Code: TS1976

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