Syphon Spares

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Airex Washer ONLY

Airex Washer ONLY£8.40

Product Code: TS596

Dudley Syvac Aspirator

Dudley Syvac Aspirator£22.00

Product Code: TS537

Close couple kit 1.5 (Doughnut)

Close couple kit 1.5 (Doughnut)£5.32

Product Code: TS096

Close Couple Kit 1.5'' With Standard Foam Washer

Close Couple Kit 1.5" With Standard Foam Washer£5.50

Product Code: TS097

1.5 Inch Standard Foam Washer

1.5 Inch Standard Foam Washer£1.30

Product Code: TS091

Derwent Metro Oblong Syphon Membrane

Derwent Metro Oblong Syphon Membrane£1.00

Product Code: TS089

Macdee Derwent Round Syphon Membrane

Macdee Derwent Round Syphon Membrane£1.40

Product Code: TS084

Macdee D Shaped Syphon Membrane

Macdee D Shaped Syphon Membrane£1.40

Product Code: TS102

Macdee Derwent Square Syphon Membrane

Macdee Derwent Square Syphon Membrane£1.40

Product Code: TS087

BRASS Lift Arm

BRASS Lift Arm£5.00

Product Code: TS738

Dudley Elite Linkage Arm  TS1208

Dudley Elite Linkage Arm TS1208£6.00

Product Code: TS1208

Dudley SPRING Only

Dudley SPRING Only£2.20

Product Code: TS734

Dudley Turbo Service Packs

Dudley Turbo Service Packs£4.50

Product Code: TS077

Flushpipe CONICAL Sealing Washer

Flushpipe CONICAL Sealing Washer£1.20

Product Code: TS777

Freeflo Syphon Membrane D Shaped

Freeflo Syphon Membrane D Shaped£1.80

Product Code: TS764

JETFLOW Syphon Membrane

JETFLOW Syphon Membrane£1.80

Product Code: TS328

S9B Round Membrane

S9B Round Membrane£1.00

Product Code: TS337

Syphon Metal C Link

Syphon Metal C Link£2.00

Product Code: TS726

Turbo 44 Replacement Membrane Only

Turbo 44 Replacement Membrane Only£1.00

Product Code: TS118

Turbo 88/Cascade Replacement Membrane Only.

Turbo 88/Cascade Replacement Membrane Only.£1.00

Product Code: TS117

Turbo S1-11 Replacement Membrane Only

Turbo S1-11 Replacement Membrane Only£1.00

Product Code: TS622

Universal Syphon Lift Arm

Universal Syphon Lift Arm£2.00

Product Code: TS168

Basket Sealing Washer 1.5'' Flat Rubber

Basket Sealing Washer 1.5" Flat Rubber£2.00  -  £50.00

Product Code: TS1125

Macdee Syphon Volume Selector

Macdee Syphon Volume Selector£1.00

Product Code: TS1175

syphon fixing and cap nuts etc

syphon fixing and cap nuts etc£5.20

Product Code: TS355


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items
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