Flush Pipes & Seals

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Universal straight pipe and bung

Universal straight pipe and bung£9.40

Product Code: TS1943

European Size Flush Pipe

European Size Flush Pipe£9.40

Product Code: TS404

European Size Pan Bung

European Size Pan Bung£2.80

Product Code: TS407

Flushpipe CONICAL Sealing Washer

Flushpipe CONICAL Sealing Washer£1.20

Product Code: TS777

Geberit AP109 Complete FLUSH PIPE KIT

Geberit AP109 Complete FLUSH PIPE KIT£14.60

Product Code: TS487

Geberit 90 Degree Flush Pipe

Geberit 90 Degree Flush Pipe£9.40

Product Code: TS485

Geberit AP109 Cistern SEALS

Geberit AP109 Cistern SEALS£4.80

Product Code: TS377

Geberit Pan Bung

Geberit Pan Bung£3.60

Product Code: TS480

Geberit UP200 Flush Pipe SEAL

Geberit UP200 Flush Pipe SEAL£3.60

Product Code: TS482

Geberit Drop Pipe (UP320)

Geberit Drop Pipe (UP320)£14.00

Product Code: TS1117

Geberit Short Straight Flush Pipe

Geberit Short Straight Flush Pipe£6.40

Product Code: TS486

Grohe Short Pipe and Pan Bung

Grohe Short Pipe and Pan Bung£8.40

Product Code: TS506

Grohe Adagio Complete Flush Pipe Kit

Grohe Adagio Complete Flush Pipe Kit£18.40

Product Code: TS500

Grohe Adagio Capnut and Seals

Grohe Adagio Capnut and Seals£8.20

Product Code: TS484

Grohe Adagio Flushpipe

Grohe Adagio Flushpipe£9.40

Product Code: TS413

Grohe AV1 Drop Pipe Elbow O Ring Seal

Grohe AV1 Drop Pipe Elbow O Ring Seal£4.00

Product Code: TS483

Grohe Pan Bung

Grohe Pan Bung£4.20

Product Code: TS505

Ideal Space Flush Pipe 4450AA

Ideal Space Flush Pipe 4450AA£16.50

Product Code: TS767

Ideal White Flush Pipe 6301

Ideal White Flush Pipe 6301£10.00

Product Code: TS768

Siamp Flush Pipe

Siamp Flush Pipe£9.40

Product Code: TS357

Siamp Flush Pipe Kit

Siamp Flush Pipe Kit£16.60

Product Code: TS358

Siamp Pan Bung

Siamp Pan Bung£3.60

Product Code: TS1145

Vantage Flush Pipe Kit

Vantage Flush Pipe Kit£15.80

Product Code: TS403

Tavistock Flush Pipe

Tavistock Flush Pipe£10.60

Product Code: TS1591

Wirquin Blue Seal and Capnut

Wirquin Blue Seal and Capnut£5.40

Product Code: TS778

Wirquin Complete FLUSH PIPE KIT

Wirquin Complete FLUSH PIPE KIT£14.00

Product Code: TS488

Wirquin Flexible Flush Pipe

Wirquin Flexible Flush Pipe£11.00

Product Code: TS293

Standard 1.5 Inch Flush Pipe

Standard 1.5 Inch Flush Pipe£5.60

Product Code: TS405

Standard 1.5 Inch Pan Bung

Standard 1.5 Inch Pan Bung£1.80

Product Code: TS406

Tight radius flush pipe 1.5''

Tight radius flush pipe 1.5"£9.60

Product Code: TS1557

Grohe Cistern Drop Pipe

Grohe Cistern Drop Pipe£20.80

Product Code: TS1298

Macdee offset straight pipe with seals

Macdee offset straight pipe with seals£11.00

Product Code: TS055

Pan Connection kit (Short) Universal

Pan Connection kit (Short) Universal£17.00

Product Code: TS1626[3]

Roca Basic Compact Drop Pipe + Seal

Roca Basic Compact Drop Pipe + Seal£12.60

Product Code: TS1810

Schwab drop pipe including seal

Schwab drop pipe including seal£7.80

Product Code: TS1452

Schwab drop pipe sealing washer

Schwab drop pipe sealing washer£3.20

Product Code: TS1504

Tavistock Flushpipe Kit

Tavistock Flushpipe Kit£17.00

Product Code: TS309

Viega Drop pipe SEAL ONLY

Viega Drop pipe SEAL ONLY£3.00

Product Code: TS1382

WDI Short Black Drop Pipe

WDI Short Black Drop Pipe£16.20

Product Code: TS709

Wirquin Flush Pipe Pan Connector

Wirquin Flush Pipe Pan Connector£2.20

Product Code: TS291

Wisa XS Drop pipe and seal 8050887355

Wisa XS Drop pipe and seal 8050887355£9.80

Product Code: TS1612

Geberit Duofix pan connection kit

Geberit Duofix pan connection kit£28.00

Product Code: TS692

Grohe Pan Connector & flushpipe kit

Grohe Pan Connector & flushpipe kit£22.00

Product Code: TS1330

Oli wall hung Pan Connector kit

Oli wall hung Pan Connector kit£12.60

Product Code: TS1031

Grohe 90mm Elbow Soil Pipe Connector

Grohe 90mm Elbow Soil Pipe Connector£19.20

Product Code: TS1299

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