Pushflo Spares

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Dudley Pinto Pneumatic Flush Valve

Dudley Pinto Pneumatic Flush Valve£32.00

Product Code: TS116

Dudley Petite BUTTON

Dudley Petite BUTTON£29.00

Product Code: TS902

Dudley Dome BUTTON

Dudley Dome BUTTON£28.00

Product Code: TS036

Dudley Cone BUTTON

Dudley Cone BUTTON£27.00

Product Code: TS119

Dudley Hydroflo bottom entry float valve

Dudley Hydroflo bottom entry float valve£16.00

Product Code: TS352

Dudley Pinto Valve Bellows

Dudley Pinto Valve Bellows£4.40

Product Code: TS298

Dudley Pinto Seal

Dudley Pinto Seal£2.60

Product Code: TS236

Dudley Hydroflo Diaphragm

Dudley Hydroflo Diaphragm£1.86

Product Code: TS002


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items
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