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130/210 FLUSH PLATE SATIN Finish

130/210 FLUSH PLATE SATIN Finish£39.60

Product Code: TS1917

1180 valve pre aug 2013

1180 valve pre aug 2013£36.00

Product Code: TS1902

820/980 mechanical flushvalve (210)

820/980 mechanical flushvalve (210)£32.00

Product Code: TS1874

EP130 Flush Valve

EP130 Flush Valve£29.80

Product Code: TS1768

Back plate bottom fix (Mechanical)

Back plate bottom fix (Mechanical)£23.90

Product Code: TS1965

WDI Short Black Drop Pipe

WDI Short Black Drop Pipe£18.40

Product Code: TS709

WDI inlet valve (210)

WDI inlet valve (210)£18.00

Product Code: TS872

WDI 210 Activation Block

WDI 210 Activation Block£13.60

Product Code: TS707

WDI long version drop pipe

WDI long version drop pipe£12.60

Product Code: TS378

820 & 980 protection cover£12.40

Product Code: TS2008

Flush and basket seal (red cable valve)£12.20

Product Code: TS1990

WDI 301 slim 8cm activation block

WDI 301 slim 8cm activation block£12.00

Product Code: TS706

WDI short flush pipe and bung

WDI short flush pipe and bung£9.40

Product Code: TS705

WDI inlet valve clip (cranked)

WDI inlet valve clip (cranked)£4.90

Product Code: TS721

WDI Drop Pipe Seal

WDI Drop Pipe Seal£3.80

Product Code: TS1820

Spigot O ring£3.50

Product Code: TS1821


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