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Sanit CC120 Large matte flush plate

Sanit CC120 Large matte flush plate£130.00

Product Code: TS1671

Sanit cable plate Chrome

Sanit cable plate Chrome£80.00

Product Code: TS398

Sanit cable plate Matt

Sanit cable plate Matt£80.00

Product Code: TS400

Sanit cable plate Matt chrome colour

Sanit cable plate Matt chrome colour£80.00

Product Code: TS2082

Sanit cable plate Shiney chrome

Sanit cable plate Shiney chrome£80.00

Product Code: TS2083

Muli Pneumatic Valve

Muli Pneumatic Valve£72.00

Product Code: TS784

Sanit twin black cable FLUSHVALVE

Sanit twin black cable FLUSHVALVE£68.00

Product Code: TS1693

Sanit cable extra long 1mtr cables£49.60

Product Code: TS044


Muli Air BUTTON£34.00

Product Code: TS791

Sanit twin bowl pipe kit

Sanit twin bowl pipe kit£31.00

Product Code: TS458

Multiflush 3/8 Side entry valve

Multiflush 3/8 Side entry valve£28.40

Product Code: TS1601

CC120 tank 3/8 x 3/8 straight flexi-hose£22.00

Product Code: TS1667

Long drop pipe 234mm

Long drop pipe 234mm£17.80

Product Code: TS205

Drop pipe short

Drop pipe short£17.60

Product Code: TS1399

Drop pipe 168mm

Drop pipe 168mm£15.60

Product Code: TS1400

Sanit CC150 cistern Flexi-hose

Sanit CC150 cistern Flexi-hose£15.20

Product Code: TS1034

Sanit CABLE ONLY short

Sanit CABLE ONLY short£14.20

Product Code: TS2007

Sanit Pneumatic conversion kit

Sanit Pneumatic conversion kit£14.00

Product Code: TS1954

Sanit Chrome cover top£11.80

Product Code: TS2070

Sanit Flush seal (12/15cm tank)

Sanit Flush seal (12/15cm tank)£11.50

Product Code: TS1978

Sanit undersink pipe (31.201.00..0000)

Sanit undersink pipe (31.201.00..0000)£6.60

Product Code: TS2099

Sanit drop pipe seal

Sanit drop pipe seal£5.40

Product Code: TS1670

Top O ring Sanit

Top O ring Sanit£4.80

Product Code: ts1401

Red & Black Cable Valve

Red & Black Cable Valve

Product Code: TS783

Page 1 of 1:    24 Items
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