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Schwab Vista Duo metal plate.

Schwab Vista Duo metal plate.£130.00

Product Code: TS2065

Schwab 187 cistern£86.00

Product Code: TS1469

Schwab 182.0400 Complete Cistern£78.00

Product Code: TS1502

Schwab 227559 Riva Duo Flush Plate

Schwab 227559 Riva Duo Flush Plate£48.00

Product Code: TS774

Schwab Viva Duo plate white

Schwab Viva Duo plate white£41.00

Product Code: TS2066

Schwab Duo Dots Plate Chrome

Schwab Duo Dots Plate Chrome£33.00

Product Code: TS1561

Schwab 360161 Gloss Flush Plate

Schwab 360161 Gloss Flush Plate£31.00

Product Code: TS614

182 inlet WITH LONGER Hose

182 inlet WITH LONGER Hose£30.60

Product Code: TS723

187 Inlet & Hose (pre 2014)

187 Inlet & Hose (pre 2014)£29.80

Product Code: TS1333

187 new inlet, hose & clip

187 new inlet, hose & clip£29.80

Product Code: TS169

Schwab ultra tall 192 flush valve

Schwab ultra tall 192 flush valve£26.80

Product Code: TS257

180 Flush Valve

180 Flush Valve£24.00

Product Code: TS1941

Schwab 747 Inlet valve (3/8)

Schwab 747 Inlet valve (3/8)£22.60

Product Code: TS1856

Schwab 189 Flush Valve

Schwab 189 Flush Valve£22.00

Product Code: TS327

Schwab 239233 Short Flush Valve (187)

Schwab 239233 Short Flush Valve (187)£19.50

Product Code: TS829

Schwab 228578 Tall Flush Valve (182)

Schwab 228578 Tall Flush Valve (182)£19.00

Product Code: TS606

Schwab 628458 NEW Inlet Valve

Schwab 628458 NEW Inlet Valve£18.00

Product Code: TS612

Schwab Frame Connection Kit

Schwab Frame Connection Kit£18.00

Product Code: TS942

Schwab 187 Activation Block

Schwab 187 Activation Block£14.00

Product Code: TS1495

192 activation block

192 activation block£12.80

Product Code: TS258

Schwab 187 Tank New Hose After 2014

Schwab 187 Tank New Hose After 2014£12.00

Product Code: TS1739

Schwab 359807 LONG Hose (Original 182)

Schwab 359807 LONG Hose (Original 182)£12.00

Product Code: TS610

Schwab 363810 SHORT Hose (Original 187)

Schwab 363810 SHORT Hose (Original 187)£11.00

Product Code: TS611

Schwab 628459 New HOSE 182 After 2014

Schwab 628459 New HOSE 182 After 2014£11.00

Product Code: TS613

Schwab 189 lever block

Schwab 189 lever block£10.00

Product Code: TS1565

Schwab plate extension rod set

Schwab plate extension rod set£9.80

Product Code: TS646

Schwab drop pipe including seal

Schwab drop pipe including seal£8.00

Product Code: TS1452

Schwab short straight flushpipe

Schwab short straight flushpipe£6.40

Product Code: TS914[2]

180/182 cistern basket

180/182 cistern basket£5.60

Product Code: TS1940

Schwab 187 locking mechanism

Schwab 187 locking mechanism£5.00

Product Code: TS1851

Duplo original round basket

Duplo original round basket£4.80

Product Code: TS184

Schwab drop pipe sealing washer

Schwab drop pipe sealing washer£4.50

Product Code: TS1504

Schwab 235139 cover plate (182 Cistern)

Schwab 235139 cover plate (182 Cistern)£4.20

Product Code: TS1451

Schwab 239334 cover plate (187 cistern)

Schwab 239334 cover plate (187 cistern)£4.20

Product Code: TS1450

Schwab cistern fixing lugs

Schwab cistern fixing lugs£4.20

Product Code: TS1449

187 cistern central block

187 cistern central block£4.00

Product Code: TS1332

Schwab cistern spigot O rings (pair)

Schwab cistern spigot O rings (pair)£3.80

Product Code: TS1896

Schwab plate activation set

Schwab plate activation set£3.80

Product Code: TS1641

Schwab inlet valve clip

Schwab inlet valve clip£3.50

Product Code: TS718

Schwab 189 Inlet Valve Clip

Schwab 189 Inlet Valve Clip£3.40

Product Code: TS1772

Duplo Schwab 351517 Flush Seal

Duplo Schwab 351517 Flush Seal£3.20

Product Code: TS608

Schwab 189 flush seal

Schwab 189 flush seal£3.20

Product Code: TS105

187 inlet clip (pre 2014)

187 inlet clip (pre 2014)£2.60

Product Code: TS1334

Schwab central block (180/182 cistern)

Schwab central block (180/182 cistern)£2.40

Product Code: TS1642

Schwab lever bracket (180/182 cistern)

Schwab lever bracket (180/182 cistern)£2.40

Product Code: TS1643

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