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Lynx Plate CHROME

Lynx Plate CHROME£35.00

Product Code: TS1503

Shires Waverley Fittings Pack

Shires Waverley Fittings Pack£26.00

Product Code: TS1754

Shires Sorrento/Naiad Cable valve

Shires Sorrento/Naiad Cable valve£24.00

Product Code: TS1789[1]

Shires 34mm Paddle Lever

Shires 34mm Paddle Lever£20.00

Product Code: TS247

Shires Waverley Original Metal Lever

Shires Waverley Original Metal Lever£15.40

Product Code: TS1756

Shires Naiad Original Lever

Shires Naiad Original Lever£12.60

Product Code: TS1751

Shires bottom entry inlet valve.

Shires bottom entry inlet valve.£11.00

Product Code: TS1761[1]

Shires Naiad Original Syphon

Shires Naiad Original Syphon£10.40

Product Code: TS1750

Shires Waverley Syphon

Shires Waverley Syphon£9.40

Product Code: TS1755

Shires Naiad Side Entry Inlet Valve

Shires Naiad Side Entry Inlet Valve£7.20

Product Code: TS1753

Shires Opella Top Head With Plastic Arm

Shires Opella Top Head With Plastic Arm£4.80

Product Code: TS363

Shires Waverley Close Coupling Kit

Shires Waverley Close Coupling Kit£4.60

Product Code: TS1758

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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