MACDEE (Derwent Macdee)

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Kayla Air FLUSH PLATE£41.00

Product Code: TS364

Macdee kayla air SINGLE FLUSH VALVE

Macdee kayla air SINGLE FLUSH VALVE£32.00

Product Code: TS1162

Pneumatic Kayla Dual FLUSH VALVE

Pneumatic Kayla Dual FLUSH VALVE£32.00

Product Code: TS476

Small 50mm Air Kayla  DUAL FLUSH BUTTON

Small 50mm Air Kayla DUAL FLUSH BUTTON£30.00

Product Code: TS907

Macdee Large Dome BUTTON

Macdee Large Dome BUTTON£28.00

Product Code: TS249

Compact Pneumatic FLUSH VALVE (DGF4020)

Compact Pneumatic FLUSH VALVE (DGF4020)£27.80

Product Code: TS124

Macdee original flat air button

Macdee original flat air button£26.00

Product Code: TS575

Macdee Small Cone BUTTON

Macdee Small Cone BUTTON£26.00

Product Code: TS250

Kayla pneumatic button Black

Kayla pneumatic button Black£23.80

Product Code: TS2084


Kayla 72mm SINGLE AIR BUTTON£22.00

Product Code: TS043

Macdee Kayla 50mm SINGLE Flush BUTTON

Macdee Kayla 50mm SINGLE Flush BUTTON£19.60

Product Code: TS1163

Macdee Modular Pan Connector Kit

Macdee Modular Pan Connector Kit£19.00

Product Code: TS1626

Metro 3 Part Syphon (D Shaped)

Metro 3 Part Syphon (D Shaped)£18.50

Product Code: TS155

Metro 3 Part Syphon (Round)

Metro 3 Part Syphon (Round)£18.50

Product Code: TS153


Compact SIDE ENTRY INLET Valve£18.00

Product Code: TS189

Kayla 72mm Air Dual Flush BUTTON

Kayla 72mm Air Dual Flush BUTTON£18.00

Product Code: TS475

Long cable (500mm) 228 valve

Long cable (500mm) 228 valve£18.00

Product Code: TS1553

M010 cistern soil pipe kit

M010 cistern soil pipe kit£18.00

Product Code: TS1950

Metro 3 Part Syphon (Oblong)

Metro 3 Part Syphon (Oblong)£17.80

Product Code: TS090

Metro 3 Part Syphon (Square)

Metro 3 Part Syphon (Square)£17.80

Product Code: TS154

Sprite Syphon

Sprite Syphon£17.60

Product Code: TS1165

DVA0100 Macdee Kayla Flush Valve (AFV50200)

DVA0100 Macdee Kayla Flush Valve (AFV50200)£16.50

Product Code: TS088

Pacific Replacement Flush Valve

Pacific Replacement Flush Valve£16.50

Product Code: TS1605

Macdee Hideaway Concealed Lever

Macdee Hideaway Concealed Lever£16.20  -  £24.90

Product Code: TS491

207 adjustable height float valve

207 adjustable height float valve£16.00

Product Code: TS039

Sprite S/E Inlet Valve DVF5300

Sprite S/E Inlet Valve DVF5300£14.00

Product Code: TS770

Macdee modular flexi-hose.

Macdee modular flexi-hose.£12.00

Product Code: TS1630[1]

Sprite Cistern Lever

Sprite Cistern Lever£12.00

Product Code: TS771

Macdee Modular Isolation Tap

Macdee Modular Isolation Tap£10.40

Product Code: TS1773

Aquasave tank cover

Aquasave tank cover£8.50

Product Code: TS1947

Compact duo 1.5'' Basket ONLY

Compact duo 1.5" Basket ONLY£8.00

Product Code: TS1536

DVE0200 Side Entry Valve (DVC0200)

DVE0200 Side Entry Valve (DVC0200)£8.00

Product Code: TS599

Kayla Cable BUTTON Only

Kayla Cable BUTTON Only£8.00

Product Code: TS477

M010 flexi hose

M010 flexi hose£8.00

Product Code: TS1946

Pattern Dual Flush BUTTON

Pattern Dual Flush BUTTON£8.00

Product Code: TS869

SINGLE replacement button

SINGLE replacement button£8.00

Product Code: TS862

Macdee modular lever block

Macdee modular lever block£4.60

Product Code: TS1631

Compact Valve Bellows

Compact Valve Bellows£4.40

Product Code: TS238

DVE0600 Float Valve Diaphragm Kit

DVE0600 Float Valve Diaphragm Kit£3.80

Product Code: TS083

M010 Drop pipe elbow seal

M010 Drop pipe elbow seal£3.80

Product Code: TS879

Macdee Isolation tap

Macdee Isolation tap£3.50

Product Code: TS1889

Kayla AIR Flush Seal

Kayla AIR Flush Seal£3.40

Product Code: TS864

Macdee Compact Flush Seal

Macdee Compact Flush Seal£2.60

Product Code: TS156

Kayla Cable FLUSH SEAL

Kayla Cable FLUSH SEAL£2.30

Product Code: TS628

Macdee D Shaped Syphon Membrane

Macdee D Shaped Syphon Membrane£1.40

Product Code: TS102

Macdee Derwent Round Syphon Membrane

Macdee Derwent Round Syphon Membrane£1.40

Product Code: TS084

Macdee modular inlet valve

Macdee modular inlet valve

Product Code: TS1629

Macdee modular original flush valve

Macdee modular original flush valve

Product Code: TS1628

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