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S4399AA Dual Flush Plate

S4399AA Dual Flush Plate£34.80

Product Code: TS221

METAL Version of Conceala 2 Plate

METAL Version of Conceala 2 Plate£80.00

Product Code: TS890

SV04567 Conceala 2 Pump Service Kit

SV04567 Conceala 2 Pump Service Kit£25.00

Product Code: TS615

Armitage Twistlock Diaphragm

Armitage Twistlock Diaphragm£3.40

Product Code: TS029

SV80367 Conceala 2 New Style Valve

SV80367 Conceala 2 New Style Valve£16.00

Product Code: TS225

Pushfit Valve Converter

Pushfit Valve Converter£5.40

Product Code: TS386

SV93467 Pneumatic Dual Flush Valve

SV93467 Pneumatic Dual Flush Valve£34.00

Product Code: TS222

SV93367 Pneumatic Single Flush Valve

SV93367 Pneumatic Single Flush Valve£31.00

Product Code: TS213

Conceala 2 Push Fit Hose

Conceala 2 Push Fit Hose£22.00

Product Code: TS224

SV01967 Ideal/Armitage Seal & Clip

SV01967 Ideal/Armitage Seal & Clip£3.30

Product Code: TS170

SV70367 Pneumatic Diaphragm

SV70367 Pneumatic Diaphragm£2.80

Product Code: TS223

S4464AA Single Pneumatic BUTTON

S4464AA Single Pneumatic BUTTON£23.60

Product Code: TS533

SV89067 Dual Flush Valve, 180mm Overflow

SV89067 Dual Flush Valve, 180mm Overflow£26.40

Product Code: TS212

SV92667 Dual Flush Valve, 200mm Overflow

SV92667 Dual Flush Valve, 200mm Overflow£26.80

Product Code: TS243

SV92467 Dual Flush Valve

SV92467 Dual Flush Valve£27.60

Product Code: TS637

S4496AA Armitage Crescent BUTTON

S4496AA Armitage Crescent BUTTON£13.40

Product Code: TS216

EV344AA Unbranded BUTTON

EV344AA Unbranded BUTTON£12.40

Product Code: TS217

SV81767 Float Valve

SV81767 Float Valve£20.80

Product Code: TS203

Twico 1 E4447AA Unbranded BUTTON

Twico 1 E4447AA Unbranded BUTTON£9.80

Product Code: TS219

E003167 Ideal Twico Valve (WITH BUTTON)

E003167 Ideal Twico Valve (WITH BUTTON)£32.00

Product Code: TS269

Ideal Valve Top Bridge

Ideal Valve Top Bridge£4.90

Product Code: TS206

Armitage Shanks Hushflo Diaphragm

Armitage Shanks Hushflo Diaphragm£4.20

Product Code: TS008

Armitage Shanks BE Valve

Armitage Shanks BE Valve£12.00

Product Code: TS1131

Armitage Isolation Valve

Armitage Isolation Valve£3.50

Product Code: TS1538

Armitage inwall frame Flush Valve£28.00

Product Code: TS995

Ideal Standard Twico Flush Seal

Ideal Standard Twico Flush Seal£2.20

Product Code: TS510

S4409AA Armitage Single BUTTON

S4409AA Armitage Single BUTTON£12.00

Product Code: TS218

SV012AA Single Flush Valve

SV012AA Single Flush Valve£24.50

Product Code: TS242

SV568AA Single Flush Valve

SV568AA Single Flush Valve£21.50

Product Code: TS244

7.5 inch Freeflo Syphon

7.5 inch Freeflo Syphon£9.00

Product Code: TS813

8 inch Freeflo Syphon

8 inch Freeflo Syphon£13.00

Product Code: TS820

8.5 inch Freeflo Syphon

8.5 inch Freeflo Syphon£13.00

Product Code: TS814

9.5 inch Freeflo Syphon

9.5 inch Freeflo Syphon£13.00

Product Code: TS815

Armitage Shanks Cranked Lever

Armitage Shanks Cranked Lever£10.00

Product Code: TS1132

Armitage Airex Aspirator

Armitage Airex Aspirator£44.00

Product Code: TS410

Airex Washer ONLY

Airex Washer ONLY£8.40

Product Code: TS596

Freeflo Syphon Membrane D Shaped

Freeflo Syphon Membrane D Shaped£1.80

Product Code: TS764

JETFLOW Syphon Membrane

JETFLOW Syphon Membrane£1.80

Product Code: TS328

GOLD Tiffany Lever

GOLD Tiffany Lever£25.00

Product Code: TS756A

SV89167 Tiffany Side Lever

SV89167 Tiffany Side Lever£16.80

Product Code: TS281

Standard Coloured Fulcrum

Standard Coloured Fulcrum£5.60

Product Code: TS345

Armitage BE Inlet Valve (off top, Y long arm)

Armitage BE Inlet Valve (off top, Y long arm)£11.00

Product Code: TS719

Armitage Concept Original Inlet Valve

Armitage Concept Original Inlet Valve£25.00

Product Code: TS710

Armitage Cranked Arm Lever With Wedges£13.00

Product Code: TS997

E4447 GOLD Twico Button

E4447 GOLD Twico Button£20.00

Product Code: TS521


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